Every dollar saved is another dollar towards your cause. That's why we're offering to waive our fees to manage the first $1,000,000 in your account, and charge only 0.25% thereafter for all 501(c) organizations.
  • A fully diversified investment portfolio, automatically rebalanced for your organization
  • A registered investment advisor with over $3 billion in assets under management
  • An investment team led by Burt Malkiel, famed economist and author of "A Random Walk Down Wall Street"
  1. 1.Must Be A 501(c) Organization
  2. 2.Investment Is Long-Term Capital
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As of today, any registered 501(c) organization can open an account with Wealthfront and receive free investment management for assets up to $1 million. Long term assets will be placed in an appropriate asset allocation based on our diversified, tax-free investment mix, and automatically rebalanced. Normal fees apply after $1M.
The organizations listed are being provided as a representative client list of Wealthfront non-profit corporate clients. No conclusions about the quality or nature of Wealthfront's advisory services should be drawn from this list. Wealthfront created the above partial list of its non-profit corporate clients by applying objective selection criteria to its full list of these clients. The objective criteria used to create the list does not consider any information about the investment performance of any client accounts, nor any other financial metrics. The inclusion of a client does not imply that the client endorses or recommends Wealthfront as an investment advisor, and does not imply any partnership between Wealthfront and any listed organization.